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Recent Journal contributions (>2005)

  1. C. Crema, A. Depari, A. Flammini, E. Sisinni, T. Haslwanter, S. Salzmann. Characterization of a wearable system for automatic supervision of fitness exercises. Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation. in press 2019.
  2. Get PDF-file E. M. Baur, T. Bauer, H. Egger, S. Salzmann, and T. Haslwanter. Ein neuer Ansatz für eine sensitive Beinprothese - Eine Fallstudie. Orthopaedie Aktuell, 7: 62-66, 2016.
  3. Get PDF-fileK. Eibenberger, B. Eibenberger, D. C. Roberts, T. Haslwanter, and J. P. Carey. A novel and inexpensive digital system for eye movement recordings using magnetic scleral search coils.Med.Biol.Eng Comput., 2015.
  4. Get PDF-fileK. Eibenberger, J. P. Carey, T. Ehtiati, C. Trevino, J. Dolberg, and T. Haslwanter. A Novel Method of 3D Image Analysis of High Resolution Cone Beam CT and Multi Slice CT for the Detection of Semicircular Canal Dehiscence. Otol.Neurotol. 35 (2), 329-37, 2014.
  5. Get PDF-fileM. H. Ring, D. F. Rabensteiner, J. Horwath-Winter, I. Boldin, R. Horantner, and T. Haslwanter. Introducing a new parameter for the assessment of the tear film lipid layer. Invest Ophthalmol.Vis.Sci. 53 (10):6638-6644, 2012.
  6. Get PDF-fileK. Eibenberger, M. Ring, and T. Haslwanter. Sustained effects for training of smooth pursuit plasticity.Exp.Brain Res. 218 (1):81-89, 2012.
  7. Get PDF-fileM. Brandner, M. Buchberger, T. Kaltofen, T. Haslwanter, R. Hoerantner, and A. Langmann. Biomechanical analysis of x-pattern exotropia. Am.J Ophthalmol. 152 (1):141-146, 2011.
  8. Get PDF-fileB. Buki, M. Platz, T. Haslwanter, H. Junger, and P. Avan. Results of Electrocochleography in Meniere's Disease after Successful Vertigo Control by Single Intratympanic Gentamicin Injection. Audiol.Neurootol. 16 (1):49-54, 2011.
  9. Get PDF-fileJ. K. Ong and T. Haslwanter. Measuring torsional eye movements by tracking stable iris features.J.Neurosci.Methods 192 (2):261-267, 2010.
  10. Get PDF-file T. Haslwanter and J. Waldhoer. Measuring 3D Arm Movements for Activities of Daily Living. Measuring Behavior.  A. J. Spink, F. Grieco, O. E. Krips, L. W. S. Loijens, L. P. J. J. Noldus, and P. H. Zimmerman. Wageningen, The Netherlands: Noldus Information Technology bv. 306-309, 2010.
  11. Get PDF-fileM. Platz, T. Haslwanter, and J. K. Y. Ong. Optimizing Video- Oculography Systems by Simulating the Effect of Slippage Artifacts. Proceedings of the 21st European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (EMSS09).  C. Frydman, F. Longo, and K. Mekouar. Anonymous. Proceedings of the 21st European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (EMSS09)Universidad de la Laguna, 2009. 148-153, 2009
  12. Get PDF-fileR. Jaeger, A. V. Kondrachuk, and T. Haslwanter. The distribution of otolith polarization vectors in mammals: comparison between model predictions and single cell recordings. Hear.Res 239 (1-2):12-19, 2008.
  13. Get PDF-fileA. H. Clarke and T. Haslwanter. The orientation of Listing's Plane in microgravity. Vision Res 47 (25):3132-3140, 2007.
  14. Get PDF-fileC. J. Bockisch and T. Haslwanter. Vestibular contribution to the planning of reach trajectories. Exp.Brain Res. 182 (3):387-397, 2007.
  15. Get PDF-fileM. Koch, S. Priglinger, R. Hoerantner, and T. Haslwanter. Computer-assisted dosage calculation for strabismus therapy in myopic patients. Acta Ophthalmol Scand, 2007.
  16. Get PDF-fileR. Hoerantner, S. Priglinger, and T. Haslwanter. A comparison of two different techniques for oculomotor torque reduction. Acta Ophthalmol Scand 85 (7):734-738, 2007.
  17. Get PDF-fileR. Hoerantner, T. Kaltofen, S. Priglinger, C. M. Fock, M. Buchberger, and T. Haslwanter (2007). Model-based improvements in the treatment of patients with strabismus and axial high myopia. Invest Ophthalmol Vis.Sci. 48 (3):1133-1138
  18. Get PDF-fileF. R. Lin, A. A. Migliaccio, T. Haslwanter, L. B. Minor, and J. P. Carey. (2005) Angular vestibulo-ocular reflex gains correlate with vertigo control after intratympanic entamicin treatment for M�ni�re's disease. Ann.Otol.Rhinol.Laryngol. 114(10):777-785.
  19. Get PDF-fileBockisch C, Straumann D, and Haslwanter T. (2005) The human 3D aVOR with and without otolith stimulation. Experimental Brain Research 161: 358-367.

Reviews & Books

  1. Haslwanter T (2018) 3D Kinematics. Springer Cover 3D Kinematics
  2. Haslwanter T (2016) An Introduction to Statistics with Python. Springer Introduction to Statistics - Book
  3. Haslwanter and A. H. Clarke. Eye movement measurement: Electro-Oculography and Video-Oculography. In: Vestibular and Balance Disorders, edited by D. S. Zee and S. D. Eggers,Elsevier, 2010, p. 61-80.
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  6. Fetter M, Haslwanter T, Misslisch M, Tweed D (1997) Three-dimensional kinematic principles of eye-, head-, and limb movements. Harwood Academic Publishers: Amsterdam
  7. Get PDF-fileHaslwanter T (1995) Mathematics of 3-dimensional eye rotations. Vision Res 35, 1727-1739


Get PDF-file Haslwanter T (2000) Computational and Experimental Aspects of Rotatory Eye Movements in Three Dimensions. Submitted for obtaining the "Habilitation" at the Dept of Physics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


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