FH Oberoesterreich University of Applied Sciences, Medical Technology, Linz, Austria

In Linz I have a professorship for Biomechanics. Although our institution is quite new, it has turned out to be a great place to work. The education of the students, as well as the research is very applied. This is supported by our close collaborations with the local medical institutions, like the "AKH Linz", the "Wagner-Jauregg-Landesklinik", and the "Rehabilitationsklinik Wilhering".

FH Oberoesterreich ETH Zurich, Switzerland

I had the opportunity to get my PhD at the ETH, as well as my habilitation. For both steps, Klaus Hepp was in incredible support, and a continuing inspiration. Thanks a lot, Klaus!

I still hold one course a year. While this involves quite a bit of travelling, it gives me the chance to stay in touch with one of the best research institutions in the world.

FH Oberoesterreich Vestibulo-Ocular Lab, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

For my current work, the vestibulo-ocular lab at the Zurich University hospital is my intellecutal home. Volker Henn looked after the scientific education of Dominik Straumann and myself, and Dominik, as well as Chris Bockisch, are my friends and research partners there.

Thomas Haslwanter, last updated Setp 21, 2014