Otolith Excitation Patterns


MOVIE: you can also download the movie Otolith_Movies.zip (2.84 MB).

Excitation patterns have been calculated for the Utricle and for the Saccule. You can either download the excitation patterns for all (Utricle.zip [2.6 MB] and Saccule.zip [1.7 MB]), or for individual orientations for Utricle and Saccule [94 kB each].


Technical details of the simulation are described in Jaeger et al (2002). To obtain 2-dimensional matrices for the excitations, we have projected the curved utricular and saccular surfaces onto a plane, conserving the size of each surface unit. As a result, the outlines of the otoliths do not match the parallel projections of the shape-data onto the best-fit plane.


Jaeger R, Takagi A, Haslwanter T (2002) Modeling the relation between head orientations and otolith responses in humans Hear Res 173: 29-42

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