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scikit-sound is a library for working with sound files.

It is hosted under The main module: sounds has two classes for working with sounds:

The class Sounds lets you

The class FFMPEG_info handles the detection of FFMPEG, and the config-information for Python:

The Python standard libraries and scipy provide good support for working with WAV files. If you also want to work with other file formats (MP3, AAC, etc), the easiest way is to install the open-source software FFMPEG on your computer. You can obtain FFMPEG for free from

For more information, please check the help on the method Sounds.sound()

In addition, the module misc provides GUI-utilities for dir- and file-selection etc.


The simplest way to install sksound is

>>> pip install scikit-sound

For upgrading to the latest version of sksound, you have to type

>>> pip install scikit-sound -U

However, you can also install from the source files. To do this, just go to the root directory of the package, and type

>>> python install

Note: After sksound is installed, I typically import it in Python with:

>>> import sksound


numpy, scipy, appdirs, pygame


The easiest way to test the package is with unittest. Open a terminal, and type (on the command-line!):

>>> cd [_your_installation_dir_]\sksound\tests
>>> python -m unittest

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Author: Thomas Haslwanter
Version: 0.2.1
Date: March 2018
Copyright (c): 2018, Thomas Haslwanter. All rights reserved.
Licence: This work is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License