This book introduces you to the analysis of general movements in 3D space.

How to use this bookΒΆ

  • If you want to go through it systematically, or if you prefer to read printed material, you may want to download the PDF-version of the book.
  • The main thing is: you have to sit down at home, read through the book - and try things out / do the Exercises in Python! Listening to me at the lecture is not enough. Just as you will never learn to play the piano by going to concerts, you also have to sit down and program yourself in order to learn it!

Chapter 1 introduces the basic conventions (although I assume that you are familiar with basic linear algebra and trigonometry). Chapter 2 introduces rotation matrices, and Chapter 3 quaternions. In Chapter 4 we move from static descriptions to movements, and introduce the description of angular velocity. Finally, in Chapter 5 we explicitly describe how 3D position and velocity can be analyzed, based on data from i) 3d position measurements, and ii) from inertial measurement units.

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Conventions and Basics

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